National Marine Litter Policy and Action Plan 2021 - 2030

31 Long-Term (2028-2030) Pillar III: Improve Monitoring and Data Collection on Marine Litter National Actions National Actions Medium-Term (2024 – 2027) Short-Term (2021 – 2023) Lead & Supporting Agencies/ Stakeholders Compile a national baseline on status and impacts of marine litter in Malaysia. Lead Agency: KASA Key Partners: KPKT, DOF, DOE, JPSPN, MIMA, Department of Chemistry, Statistics Department Local Municipalities, Academia, NGOs By 2022: Review and analyse material flow data and impacts of marine litter in Malaysia to develop a national baseline report. By 2022: Assess information and data gaps, and identify possible interventions to bridge the gaps. 2021-2023: Benchmark with regional and international experts as well as keep abreast with developments on the above identified areas. By 2022: Establish a national marine litter inventory and national plastic recycling rate. By 2022: Assess national marine litter hotspots. By 2024: Update digital and hardcopy data entry reporting for: (a) voluntary national actions addressing land-based sources of marine litter. (b) voluntary national actions addressing sea-based sources of marine litter. (c) voluntary national actions addressing education and outreach on marine litter. By 2024: Conduct inventory of plastic waste generation, export and import, as well as related issues. By 2025: Establish a centralised integrated national database to monitor marine litter pollution. By 2023 onwards: Display information on publicly accessible platform and update regularly to provide public with latest information on scale of marine plastic pollution. A